Welcome to Insanity!


Welcome everyone to the online home of Mr. Maniacal’s INSANITY!

Hidden deep withing these pages lurks unspeakable horrors and maddening revelations that will certainly warp you deep into the dark subconscious of Mr. Maniacal’s dark and twisted mind…well not really but one thing is for certain you will experience the darker side of horror hosting with a touch of comedic madness.

33431-Enter-If-You-DareINSANITY is hosted by Mr. Maniacal, a 26 year veteran of the haunted attraction industry and his corpse-like companion simply known as Hubert. Each episode they host an all new public domain film deep from inside Mr. Maniacal’s basement office in Absinthium Asylum…or is it.

Within the official site you will find full length episodes of INSANITY you can watch for free. Read our horror/sci-fi blog, listen to our podcast, view our galleries, and learn more about Mr. Maniacal the host and haunted attraction performer. These technologically advanced pages may just hold the key to who Mr. Maniacal really is, and they just might answer the question everyone seems to ask…is he just acting or is he really insane?

So if you desire to know more about INSANITY and the hosts just click the “enter” portal…if you dare…