Mr. Maniacal’s INSANITY


Welcome one and all to the official website for the┬ánew horror hosted show Mr. Maniacal’s INSANITY. Featured on Kreepy Kastle Television, Mr. Maniacal’s INSANITY technically fits in the horror hosted television show genre, but the overall goal is to create something a bit different. Instead of the all out campy humor that many associate with horror hosted shows Mr. Maniacal attempts to target the darker side of entertainment. Using his extensive 25 years experience in the haunted attraction industry as a base Mr. Maniacal blends comedy with psychological horror in his hosted segments while featuring public domain horror and sci-fi “b” movies.


Mr. Maniacal’s INSANITY premiered Saturday January 25th on and is scheduled to release new shows once a month. New shows are always featured first on Kreepy Kastle Television and then distributed elsewhere. Select episodes will become available to watch here on our official site from time to time and we are currently working on adding INSANITY to a few public access stations in traditional TV format. Also look for Kreepy Kastle On Demand on Roku this fall where full episodes of INSANITY will be available there as well.


Kreepy Kastle Television is a horror host based internet channel created by horror hosts…for horror hosts and their fans. Created by two horror host icons, Mr. Halloween Jack and Dale Kay, Kreepy Kastle first started off as a show, then a livestream event, then a network airing horror hosts from around the country every weekend from Friday evening to Sunday night. Offering his services as a websmaster, Mr. Maniacal officially teamed up with the Kreepy Kastle crew and then was launched. Overtime Mr. Maniacal was bitten by the horror hosting bug and when the offer came from Halloween Jack and Dale Kay INSANITY was born.

About Mr. Maniacal the Host:

Mr. Maniacal actually started performing in the haunted attraction industry in 1989 as a student actor. He later joined the Legion of Terror and rose in their ranks to knighthood. After leaving the Legion he co-founded an acting troupe called the Nightmare Society and then later went off in the industry on his own as a freelance performer and FX artist. He wrote the book “The Art of Fear: Theories of a Dark Entertainer” and performed several seminars at trade shows and conventions on psychological horror and realism in haunting. In 2012 he formed Price Entertainment with actors and friends Skullhead and Orphanagefreak and together they toured various haunts in October 2013. In 2013 he started to work with Dale Kay appearing as a guest on his Spookshow. Later he joined Kreepy Kastle Television as their webmaster general. In December of 2013 he started to develop INSANITY for Kreepy Kastle Television and the show met with great reviews.


Mr. Maniacal left Price Entertainment unable to follow the busy schedule they have planned for the future to focus on Kreepy Kastle Television and INSANITY. With a spin-off podcast planned as well as more episodes featuring Cleveland Ohio’s haunted history Mr. Maniacal is looking forward to the future. Fear not he is still haunting part-time at a few select haunted attractions in the fall.